The art of Searching in Mutt

I usually start searching/select in mutt using search “/”, “tag-pattern” “T” or limit view “l” commands, you can specify one or more patterns to make the commands apply to only desired matches.

These commands allow you to specify a pattern to match :

  • ~b – Search in the message body.
  • ~B – Search in the whole message.
  • ~f – Message originated from the USER
  • ~t  – Messages addressed to USER
  • ~Q – Messages which have been replied to.
  • ~s – Messages having SUBJECT
  • ~d – Messages in a Data range MIN-MAX  (e.g ~d <1w)
  • ~d – Messages tagged (fixme)

You need Pattern Modifier or Complex Patters, hier

Logical AND is performed by specifying more than one criterion

  • ! — logical NOT operator
  • | — logical OR operator
  • () — logical grouping operator

The search is case sensitive if the pattern contains at least one upper case letter, and case insensitive otherwise.