I use Mutt as email client since years and it works like a charm. When I’m working in a company  I wanted to be able to connect to the corporative address book an get the email address of the people just typing the first letter of the surname. Well, here it goes how I install and configure it:

1) Install lbdb package, and modify the files:




%ldap_server_db = ( 
 'gsi' => ['$PORT_NUMBER',
 'mail cn givenname sn', 
 'mail cn givenname sn',
 '${givenname} ${sn}',

2) install perl-ldap, nothing to configure.

3) start Mutt, and write the name/surname of the desired person, press CTRL+t  and you’ll a list of the matching email addresses.

Note: no references because I found the solution from more than 4 sources and none were got it right…




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